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The Rim Stripe

What started as a home-based business is now a thriving operation that caters to customers worldwide. Originally produced for motorcycles, The Rim Stripe can benefit anything with wheels including but not limited to Sports Bikes, Cruisers, Dirt Bikes, ATVs, Pocket Bikes, Cars and Fixed Gear Bicycles.

Cut to fit perfectly on a wide range of rim sizes, The Rim Stripe also offers a variety of "matte" and "reflective" colors that allows your customer to match or create contrast with the color of their ride.

Customized designs printed directly on the strips are also available.

The Rim Stripe Colors
The Rim Stripe Sizes

The Rim Stripe can offer any vinyl-based product including but not limited to:
1. Strips to be placed anywhere on the bike or even the helmet with any of our
current reflective / non-reflective colors
2. Decals with any design or pattern in single color or full color (available both in reflective and non-reflective)

* We're happy to customize a design or pattern for The Rim Stripes, Decals or strips.