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About us

No Limit Graphics is an innovative design and production company established in 2009 specializing in high quality, fast turn, full color printing. Our beginnings were quite humble to say the least. It all started in 2007 with the passion one of the founders had for bikes. He began by printing stripes that were placed on the lip of the bike's rim, enhancing its overall look. An opportunity that led to the establishment of NLG and the expansion of our products that now includes brands sold worldwide including The Rim Stripe, Sticky Skins & Mad.

Like the name of our parent company we see no limits for the future. Our product offerings will continue to expand and our individual brands will continue to evolve as they have already. Our commitment to excellence in all that we do has proven to be one of the major key's to our success and we are confident that the future will bring many challenges and rewards and we look forward to taking on both with sincerity, passion and creativity.

Now that you've gotten to know a little about us, we hope you will consider getting in touch and talking to us about possible opportunities, whether you're a licensee, a retailer or an artist looking to make headlines.